Order of Tasting

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If tasting many wines at one time, there is a specific order you should go in so as not to fatigue your palate. Stylistically, taste white wine to red, dry to sweet, low alcohol to high alcohol, unoaked to oaky and light-bodied to full-bodied. Crossing over any of these boundaries can easily throw your palate right off and render it useless. Surely you can conceive of how tasting a tannic red wine, for instance, can totally numb your taste buds to something substantially lighter like a Riesling, just because of tannins’ coating action. If you happen to find yourself in this predicament and want to go back and taste a product out of sync, as it were, look for some bubbly in the room. Bubbles have an uncanny knack of cleaning the palate nicely. Happy tasting.

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