Tawny Port for the Holidays

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I love Tawny port for the holidays. Named Tawny, because long periods in barrel render it a tawny hue, several styles exist. A Tawny of Indicated Age comes in 10, 20, 30 and 40+ year designations. The number on the bottle reflects the average age of the wine within. Date of Harvest or Colheita Tawny is from a single year and will show that year on the label. In both styles, the year of bottling must appear somewhere on the package. Tawnies are extremely elegant with lots of toffee, raisin, nutty, figgy, date-like flavours. Older versions are like sipping liquid, Kraft caramels and are to die for. Great on their own or with desserts, nuts and stinky cheese, they’re absolutely scrumptious.

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