Hot Alcoholic Drinks

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With this bitter cold weather, hot alcoholic beverages or “toddies”, are required. Coffee-based versions, topped with whipped cream are fabulous. “Irish Coffee” made with Bailey’s, a “Nutty Irishman” flavoured with “Frangelico” and a “Jamaican” spiked with Tia Maria and Light Rum are divine. Simply mix brandy, rum or whisky into cocoa for a real winner. Tea lovers can enjoy the original “Hot Toddy” made with tea, brandy, whiskey or rum, honey and lemon.
Milk-based hot drinks are also popular. Try blending Benedictine and hot milk together for a “Milk & Honey”.
Wine lovers will enjoy “Hot Mulled Wine” that blends together red wine, star anise, ginger, cardamom, cloves, black pepper, honey and pear eau-de-vie.

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