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Aperitif Wines

An aperitif wine is one that is served before a meal. The idea is to get the gastronomic juices flowing and give one an appetite. The good ones tend to cause salivation...

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Red Wine With Fish

The old adage that red wine does not work with fish is not entirely accurate in today’s gastronomy. Certainly tannic reds don’t cut it because the tannin and the iron content in...

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Drinking Less, Enjoying It More

As a wine professional I taste a lot of wine. Between reviewing, judging and teaching, I must sample thousands yearly. Surprisingly, I actually drink much less. One of the main reasons is...

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Hot Alcoholic Drinks

With this bitter cold weather, hot alcoholic beverages or “toddies”, are required. Coffee-based versions, topped with whipped cream are fabulous. “Irish Coffee” made with Bailey’s, a “Nutty Irishman” flavoured with “Frangelico” and...

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