Cat Wine

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If you have a cat, you won’t have to sip wine alone anymore. A Japanese company, B & H Lifes, has come up with wine made specifically for your feline friend. It’s called “Nyan Nyan Nouveau”. “Nyan Nyan” means “meow meow” in Japanese. The wine does not contain alcohol, but juice made from Cabernet grapes mixed with catnip. In Japan, it costs about $4 a bottle and only about a thousand bottles have been made. These folks must have had a few too many when they thought of this. I wonder what animal activists make of it. This “cat wine” or “Chateau Puss Puss” could easily start a new trend. What’s next… “Bark-o-Velha” for your dog, “Rabbit Riesling” for your hare or  “Parrot-tage” for one’s pet bird?
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