Wine Shampoo

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We know that wine, especially red, in moderation is good for your health and its refuse (skins, seeds, stems, etc.) is used in vino-therapy for body wraps, messages and baths. Did you know that it’s also good for your hair as well?
Celebrity hair stylist John Blaine has launched a new hair care range (shampoo, conditioner, hydro serum) all infused with red grape extract. This “Vine de la Vie” contains multiple vitamins, 10 organic healing ingredients, possesses high levels of polyphenols and is sulfite free. It claims to heal and strengthen hair leaving it healthier, softer and richer in colour. Costing $35-$50 a crack, stars like Pamela Anderson are fans. Now if it only came packaged in a wine bottle or wine glass shaped container!
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