Wine’s Sweetness

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The sweetness of a wine is determined by its residual sugar at the time of bottling and is usually experience on the tip of the tongue. The sugar code in wine shops is often shown as the number “0” and up. “0” means literally no residual sugar and the wine extra-dry or very dry. The higher the number, the more sugar and sweeter the wine. Off-dry means around a “1-2” in sweetness. Medium would translate to approximately “3-4”. Medium-sweet equals “5-6”. Sweet comes in at “7-9” and very sweet would be “10” and above. It’s interesting that many folks say they like their wine dry, but given a wine that’s a “0-1”, don’t seem to like it and prefer a wine that’s a “2-3” instead. They think “dry”, but actually sip “sweeter”.

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